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Emergency Preparedness Week

Be Ready for Anything is the theme and messaging for this year's annual Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week running May 1-7.

 EP Week aims to encourage Canadians to take action to become better prepared for the types of emergencies they could face. This not only includes readiness in a situation but committing to making preparedness part of a regular routine.

In 2021, Albertans were encouraged to take a survey to identify how prepared they are for emergency situations. Those results identified that Albertans are quick to work together to assist during an emergency.

 Included is this year's EP Week events, a test emergency alert will be issued across Alberta on May 4 at 1:55 p.m. as an opportunity to not only test the system, but to encourage residents to prompt the conversation about how they're prepared for emergencies.

 In Lethbridge, EP Week is an opportunity for us to remind the community how they can take simple steps to become more prepared for disasters, emergencies and unexpected situations.

Additional resources can be found on the website including Overall Emergency Planning/Kit information, hazards, and climate emergency information.

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