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Employee of the Month - December 2016

Dave and Ashley are being recognized for exceptional community service by going out of their way to help a homeless gentleman, who was living out of his car with his bird. Dave came upon this gentleman parked in a City employees' parking spot intent on giving him a warning to leave. He proceeded to explain that he had no resources to get a place to live.  Dave suggested that he to come into City Hall the next day and he would help him find the resources he needed. Dave supported him to remain parked for the evening and helped plug his car into the electrical box so that he and his bird could stay warm. Dave also generously gave him gas money.

The next day the homeless gentleman came to Development Services and explained his circumstances to Ashley including the offer of help from Dave. Ashley contacted Community Services and they were able to find housing and other support.

What an excellent demonstration of the commitment to Public Service City employees are called on to provide every day.
Thank you.