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Employee of the Month - February 2017

JianPing Chen
Information Technology

Mayor Chris Spearman has nominated JianPing for his excellent work in supporting the Mayor's Mission to Asia.

JianPing was initially approached to assist with translating a few letters from English to Chinese for the pending Mission to Asia.  The number of documents eventually increased and JianPing ended up spending many evening hours completing the translations.

Upon completion, he advised that he had a contact in Henan Province who worked with a television network.  Again, JianPing worked through personal time on the weekend to coordinate the connections that eventually resulted in interviews with Mayor Spearman and other members of the delegation on telecasts on two different TV networks, reaching audiences of several million viewers.  Because of the time zone difference, much of this work took place overnight to ensure the most expedient response.

For his excellent work to support the Mayor's Mission to Asia in arranging international television coverage and for providing translation services to the delegation in preparation for the mission all on his own time, we are pleased to honor JianPing with the recognition of Employee of the Month!

Thank you JianPing!  Your work made a substantial contribution to the success of the overall Lethbridge Mission to Asia.