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Employee of the Month July 2017

​​employee of the month july 2017.jpgAdrianna Barthel, Connor Irvine and Josh Toth (missing in photo) have been nominated as Employees of the Month for nabbing a downtown shoplifter, which led to an arrest and the return of the stolen property to its rightful owner.

On this summer day, these three City employees were in Galt Gardens picking litter and tending to the flower beds, when an unfortunate situation unfolded across the street in a nearby boutique.  Someone walked out with over $1,000 worth of clothing and was being pursued by the store's employee.  A girl was running through the park towards our City employees clutching a shopping bag.  From behind that girl, they heard the store employee yelling "stop that woman – she is a shoplifter"! Adrianna pursued the shoplifter and brought her to a halt.  Our employees then took the bag away from the thief and subdued her.

An arrest was made – the young thief was charged with multiple offences - and the stolen merchandise was returned to the grateful shop owner.

Thank you Adrianna, Connor and Josh!  Your prompt response and quick actions absolutely made all the difference in the outcome of this situation!  Your courage and concern for our community demonstrates that you are passionate about being leaders in public service!