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Employee of the Month - June 2017

Al White was nominated for the hard work he has put in over his career, especially the past few years, preparing for the 50th Anniversary of the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. His hard work, dedication, long hours and mentoring to his staff was unmistakable as the garden looked spectacular for the anniversary celebration, which included the guest of honor and Japanese Royalty, Princess Ayako of Takamado!

Al has an eye for detail and is very meticulous.  His efforts and skill have made it a genuine pleasure for the public to stroll through the Garden and appreciate its' beauty.

The breathtaking Japanese Garden is truly a labor of love for Al and, as modest and humble as he is, it is evident that he is very proud of the garden and all that has been accomplished.

The Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is no ordinary garden, it is extraordinary.  It is a miracle of aesthetics and delicate sculpture.  Thank you Al, for helping to create a serene and beautiful place much loved and enjoyed by many!