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Employee of the Month - September 2017

‚ÄčMichael Rohovie, Phillip Berg, Val Fellger (missing in photo)
Infrastructure Services

This outstanding group has been chosen for this honor as a result of several nominations received by citizens and co-workers for their contribution toward the great success of special events in the City of Lethbridge, in particular, the Whoop-Up Parade.

Val, Phillip and Mike have gone above and beyond in providing exceptional service in order to achieve seamless traffic and parking operations during the parade, which contributed to its' success.  At times, they had to withstand unruly and disorderly behavior by attending patrons, however, remained calm and continued their work in the field and worked through all situations with empathy, good-will, and a cheerful attitude.

It takes dedication, hard work, commitment to public service, and pride in your work to be in the midst of a large event and successfully, and safely manage the competing needs of the event itself, traffic, pedestrians and the community.  Thank you for a job well done! Congratulations!