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Fire 300 Block of Highlands Blvd. W.

Lethbridge Fire & EMS crews responded to a fire at the 300 block of Highlands Blvd. W at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 15.

Twenty-five crew members from five stations responded to a four-story apartment complex. Upon arrival, most residence were evacuated from the building and audible alarms were ringing. Crews discovered smoke from the third story on the north east side of the complex. When they arrived at the apartment, the building sprinkler system had extinguished the fire. All other floors were search with no risk to the rest of the building.

Residents from all but two apartments were able to safely return to their homes with the buildings fire suppression system intact and smoke alarm system fully operational.  

No injuries were reported and damage is estimated at $75,000 with the cause of the fire still under investigation.

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Platoon Chief
Lethbridge Fire & EMS