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Fitness Classes in the Parks

With warmer weather on the horizon and many COVID-19 protocols still in place, fitness businesses may be interested in hosting outdoor classes. As such, the City of Lethbridge has compiled online information and guidelines for anyone wishing to use City Parks for this purpose. City of Lethbridge parks and greenspaces are public spaces for use by all community members. Space in the parks is not reserved. Any fitness classes must be flexible to work around others who may be using the parks or parks maintenance such as mowing or watering.

Lethbridge River Valley parks are developed and maintained to contribute to the aesthetic of the city by retaining or enhancing natural features, mature landscapes and native vegetation while also providing natural areas for wildlife habitats.

Any classes taking place in the River Valley should be compatible with the natural environment they are occurring in. Activities taking place must remain on existing trails or established pathways, should avoid flattening native plant populations, and does not disturb or remove wildlife. If you are planning to hold your outdoor fitness class in one of the river valley parks, please submit your plan to:

To hold an outdoor fitness class within a City of Lethbridge parks or greenspace, you must have a City of Lethbridge business license and insurance.

For more information about the requirements of holding fitness classes in the parks, and river valley park use, visit


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