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Cold temperatures could lead to frozen water lines

‚ÄčAs winter temperatures hit extreme lows, the City of Lethbridge reminds residents to take extra measures to protect their home and prevent water pipes from freezing.

Prevention Tips

  • Regularly run water through pipes by either everyday use or running a steady, pencil-width stream of water.
  • Make sure there are no cold or drafty areas in your home where pipes can freeze.
  • If you do have cold areas, be sure to insulate pipes.
  • Keep the temperature of your home at 15 degrees or warmer.
  • Allow heat from the house to warm unprotected pipes by opening doors and cabinets that cover these areas.
  • Turn off water line to outside faucets.

What if a pipe breaks?

  • If someone experiences a watermain break (City water source coming into their home), call Lethbridge 311 immediately.
  • If a pipe breaks inside someone's home, they should turn off the value where the water service comes into their home and call a plumber if they need help.

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For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.