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Go Fish Goldfish!

​The City of Lethbridge is welcoming residents to participate in Goldfish Derby Days to learn about invasive goldfish and koi found in local stormponds. On July 16 and August 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Firelight Pond will host the educational Derby Days to help educate residents on the issue of goldfish and koi in stormponds and the removal of these invasive species.  

Residents and visitors who have a fishing licence are invited to come and fish out goldfish and koi. If you aren't a fan of fishing, Derby Days will also include family friendly activities and food trucks will be on site.  Educational materials will be posted around the pond and members of the Parks department, Water Waste Water department along with a representative from Alberta Environment will be present.

The City of Lethbridge needs to eradicate goldfish and koi found in three storm ponds within Lethbridge: Firelight Pond, Chinook Lake and Elma Groves Pond. Goldfish and koi are non-native species introduced into stormponds that cause problems for the native species and habitat, so they must be removed in order to create a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are non-native aquatic animals, plants or insects that have been brought from other places into Alberta's lakes, ponds and waterways. AIS threaten and disrupt natural ecosystems and negatively impact biodiversity.

Full removal of the goldfish and koi will occur at Firelight Pond in September and October with the use of Rotenone, a naturally occurring complex that is not hazardous to human, pet or wildlife health, only gilled species.

Bring your fishing rod and net down to Firelight Pond, 64 Firelight Way West, to participate in Derby Days on July 16 and August 13 and learn why it is important to never release aquarium species into any natural bodies of water. 

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