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Goldfish Mitigation – Firelight Pond

​The City of Lethbridge needs to remove goldfish and koi out of Firelight Pond. Goldfish and koi are non-native species introduced into stormponds that cause problems for the native species and the habitat.   

The removal process will begin by lowering the water level in Firelight Pond, in advance of the Rotenone treatment. Rotenone is a naturally occurring complex that is not hazardous to human, pet or wildlife health, only gilled species.

From September 1 to 9, water pipes will be running from the south side of Firelight Pond onto Moonlight Boulevard West, across Firelight Way West ending near Métis Trail. Please do not park in the area as the road will be blocked Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and only local access will be available. 

Goldfish and koi are considered an Aquatic invasive species (AIS). AIS are non-native aquatic animals, plants or insects that have been brought from other places into Alberta's lakes, ponds and waterways. AIS threaten and disrupt natural ecosystems and negatively impact biodiversity.

The Rotenone treatment and removal of the goldfish and koi will occur on September 8 and 9, it is advised to stay away from the pond during removal.

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