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Goldfish and other aquarium species invading local storm ponds

Aquatic invasive species, including prussian carp (goldfish) and other aquarium species, such as koi, have become an issue at Firelight Park, Chinook Lake, and Elma Groves Pond.

Starting Wednesday, October 27, contractors will be taking an inventory of invasive species at Firelight Park to determine the type, size and quantities of fish present in the Firelight Park in order to prepare the necessary environmental permits and scope of work to address the issue.  There will be boats and equipment in the area during this time. Please respect this equipment and avoid the area. This inventory process will be complete by end of day on Thursday, October 28, weather permitting.

Mitigation work is planned for summer 2022 following all Alberta Environment guidelines.

The other two ponds will go through the same process at a later date.

Aquatic invasive species have been illegally released into storm water ponds and other water bodies, altering aquatic habitats so that it becomes inhabitable for native populations. They can survive Alberta's climate and grow to be very large, and with no natural predators in Alberta, will out-compete native species for resources. As such, they have been listed as invasive species by Alberta Environment & Parks.

Mitigation is important and the community is encouraged to:

  • Never release aquarium or domestic pond water, plants, dead or live animals into water bodies. Common aquarium and pond plants and animals can become invasive when released into the wild, increasing competition for limited resources while potentially spreading diseases to native species.

  • If you find goldfish in your storm pond, you can catch them and dispose of them. DO NOT RELEASE IT BACK to the storm pond.

For more information about aquatic invasive species in Lethbridge, visit