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City housing strategy finalized as task force presents its findings

The City of Lethbridge now has clear strategy moving forward when it comes to housing in the City.

The Municipal Housing Task Force presented to Council on Monday with their strategy to address the need for housing within Lethbridge. The strategy will allow the City to leverage and allocate resources to projects that meet the needs of priority groups while aligning itself with the National and Provincial Housing Strategies.

Mayor Chris Spearman says that the Municipal Housing Strategy (MHS) allows Council to direct City Administration to move forward with a clear roadmap to fill the identified gaps in the housing market.

"We know where the gaps are now and who those gaps affect, so we are ideally positioned to apply for funding to help in developing future housing initiatives in Lethbridge," says Spearman.

The MHS study was divided into two phases with the first phase of work looking at an assessment of the housing needs and gaps in the city. This involved a range of engagement activities with a number of groups from the area, including vulnerable population groups. These groups consisted of people with lived experience of homelessness and individuals with special housing needs such as recent immigrants and seniors.

Councillor Belinda Crowson, Chair of the Municipal Housing Task Force, says residents should feel confident in the strategy moving forward, due in large part to the community involvement in developing the strategy.

"This plan provides community-developed direction to help ensure all Lethbridge residents have safe and suitable housing and meets several important key points of Council's strategic plan," says Crowson.

City Council has directed the Community Social Development department to present an implementation plan for the housing strategy to Council no later than September 30 this year.

Media contact: 
Meagan Williams
Communications Consultant
City of Lethbridge