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Intersection closures required by new Park ‘n’ Ride Transit Terminal

​To complete road work around the new Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal, the 5 Ave and 8 St intersection will close on Monday, July 8. This will result in no through traffic on both 8 St as well as 5 Ave from 7 St east. There will still be access to the Lethbridge Public Library from Stafford Dr.

As the contractor progresses west down 5 Ave, the intersection will re-open and the intersection at 5 Ave and 7 St will close. This work will enhance pedestrian safety and increase traffic control measure around the new facility ahead of it's opening which is anticipated for early September.

New signal lights will be installed at both intersections to manage additional traffic anticipated with the opening of the Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal. To improve pedestrian safety, the sidewalks will be constructed with 'bulb outs' which is a curb extension to reduce the crossing distance and improves sight lines.

So far, work has been completed in the alley at the northwest corner of the Park 'n' Ride and is continuing clockwise around the site. The entire road work project is expected to be complete by the end of July.

Lethbridge Transit will be rerouted around the construction but the detour will not impact route times or pickup/drop-off locations.

The Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal will create a vibrant, safe and convenient transit hub in downtown Lethbridge. The facility will provide residents with a comfortable and safe location to access City transit services that is protected from weather and offers amenities such as ticketing and washroom facilities.

Regional connectivity is also a major benefit of the new Park 'n' Ride. This building creates an easy to access location that can connect current and future regional transit services to the Lethbridge Transit system.

This project includes a three level parking structure adding 293 stalls of needed downtown parking. More parking opens up exciting opportunities to develop and grow our downtown core.

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