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Remembering Senator Joyce Fairbairn

​With great sadness, the flags will be lowered at Lethbridge City Hall today in honour of the late Joyce Fairbairn.

On behalf of Lethbridge City Council, I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the Fairbairn family. In my past Council experience, I had the pleasure of attending many occasion with Senator Fairbairn and I always admired her dedication to public service. She was a builder and a trailblazer, not just here in Lethbridge but across the nation.

From my experience she was like the Energizer bunny – she never stopped. She was always advocating for her country, her province but even more so, on behalf of Lethbridge citizens. Her numerous contributions will be felt forever in our community.

We will miss her.

– Acting Mayor Rajko Dodic on behalf of Lethbridge City Council