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Keeping Lethbridge on the move in winter – upcoming snow control changes

​Each winter, City of Lethbridge Transportation Operations staff provide winter snow and ice control services to keep Lethbridge safely on the move. In response to public feedback and City Council approval, the City will be adjusting snow clearing practices.

"Earlier this year we asked residents and stakeholders what they thought about our snow and ice clearing practices and they provided some great feedback which we used to develop changes for this upcoming winter," says Darwin Juell, Transportation Manager. "With Council's support, we're now ready to introduce our new phased approach to snow clearing around the city."

Some of those changes residents will notice this winter include:

  • Phase 1 snow routes will be activated during heavy snow events. This will include temporary parking restrictions with enforcement, and the implementation of plowing to the right on approximately 25 km of selected roadways.
  • Starting in winter of 2023/24 and continuing into winter of 2024/25, Phase 2 will include the provision of more residential plowing, less snow removal (snow removal only in the hospital area, downtown and around schools) in combination with declaring snow routes more frequently city-wide, with enforcement of snow route parking restrictions

Residents who are located on snow routes around the city will receive a letter directly letting them know of the upcoming changes and how to stay in touch with the City during the roll out. In addition to this letter, if residents are located in the Phase 1 area, they will receive a postcard outlining the tools and ways to keep informed of when a snow route is declared.

Existing snow route parking signs remain, however only the Phase 1 areas (approx. 25 kms) are affected by changes this season. Phase 1 snow route signs are equipped with a blue snowflake tab for easy identification. Properties adjacent to the Phase 1 snow routes are encouraged to stay in the know by downloading the Loop app for Phase 1 snow route notifications, following City of Lethbridge social media, or being alert to local public announcements for the winter season.

In the event of heavy snow, the City may activate Phase 1 snow routes. When activated, these roadways are subject to temporary on-street parking restrictions, with enforcement to support the efficient delivery of snow plowing operations. Snow plows will push snow to the right of the road and a windrow may develop along driveways, curbs and boulevards.

 "These changes allow us to be more efficient with our resources and keep residents moving around the city during the winter months," says Juliane Ruck, Transportation Operations Manager. "We're looking forward to hearing from residents in the Phase 1 areas to ensure we can make these changes work for our residents and our city."

When you see snow, make sure you know. The community is reminded to look out for the blue snowflake tab on snow route parking signs, and check the status of the snow route before parking this winter season. Find out more about this project, view snow route maps, access notification tools and provide feedback by visiting Get Involved Lethbridge: Snow and Ice Control Changes. Residents can also call or online chat with 311 with inquiries and comments related to this project.

Visit or call 311 for more information on snow and ice control in Lethbridge. 

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.