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Lake ice conditions meet standards for outdoor skating

It might be hard to think positively about cold weather but it's the first time this winter that lake ice at Chinook, Henderson and Nicholas Sheran Lakes is thick enough to meet standards for outdoor skating.

Specific areas will be cleared for outdoor skating at each lake by end of day on Thursday. The thickness of natural ice varies from place to place so residents are reminded to never skate alone and avoid skating in the dark. The cold temperatures also means residents should dress for the weather.

Parks staff are still working on Legacy Park Lake to prepare it for outdoor skating and the goal is to transition outdoor skating from Chinook Lake to Legacy Park Lake next year.

Here are the current ice conditions for the designated skating areas at Chinook, Henderson and Nicholas Sheran Lakes:

Lake Thickness Condition Rating
Chinook LakeAverage ice thickness:
12 inches
Good/Snow Covered Does meet City of Lethbridge standards for public use
Henderson LakeAverage ice thickness: 
12.5 inches
Good/Snow Covered Does meet City of Lethbridge standards for public use
Nicholas Sheran LakeAverage ice thickness: 12.25 inchesGood/Snow Covered Does meet City of Lethbridge standards for public use


Each winter, Parks staff assess ice conditions once a week in designated outdoor skating areas to determine whether they meet our standards for public use. The minimum average ice thickness must be at least 10 inches.

The following criteria is used to assess the ice for public use:

  • The presence of standing water or open water
  • The amount of freezing that has occurred
  • Snow cover
  • Present thickness of the ice
  • Present condition of the ice
  • Present clarity of the ice
  • Air temperature

Parks staff will continue to monitor ice thickness through the winter and updates will be posted weekly at

Please note that storm pond water or ice contact is prohibited at all times, and ice on storm ponds is not monitored by the City. 

Media Contact:
Kevin Jensen, Parks Operations Manager
City of Lethbridge