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Lethbridge Airport receives multimillion dollar boost

The Lethbridge Airport has received more than $7 million from the Federal Government’s Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) to rehabilitate the airfield pavement.

This economic boost comes after City Council in February 2020 approved funding for the detailed design and renovation of the passenger terminal and an upgraded water service. 

The Lethbridge Airport has now received more than a combined $18 million in funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments. The Provincial Government announcing $11 million for upgrades to lighting and pavement rehabilitation in December of 2020 and now the Federal Government has announced $7,379,719.00 to upgrade and rehabilitate the airport pavement.

The prioritization of the Lethbridge Airport from both the Provincial and Federal Governments is encouraging to see says Mayor Chris Spearman.

“This investment helps to ensure our airport remains a priority for our community, not only for the convenience of residents, but also for the advancement of our economic landscape,” says Spearman. “The creation of a ‘Distribution Hub’ to support supply chain and logistics are key to a robust local economy and these upgrades will strengthen our city’s portfolio when attracting business and development to southern Alberta.”

The ACAP is an existing contribution funding program which provides financial assistance to regional airports for safety-related capital infrastructure projects and equipment to help ensure the continued safe operation of the airports for passengers, air crews and airport employees.

“We know how vital airports are to urban centres and remote communities,” says The Honourable Jim Carr, Minister and Special Representative for the Prairies. “The investment our government is making will help ensure continued safe and reliable airport operations for residents, many of whom depend on their local airports not only for personal travel and business, but also for community resupply of essential goods and access to routine and emergency medical care in larger centres. This is part of how we build stronger more resilient and inclusive communities across Canada.”

For 2021-2022, Transport Canada allocated ACAP funding to 63 airports for 86 ACAP projects, including runway and taxiway repairs/rehabilitation, lighting enhancements, purchasing snow clearing equipment and firefighting vehicles and installing wildlife fencing.

“Investing in the airport means we are investing in our ability to grow our economic potential and be a leader in our region,” says Spearman. “The ‘Distribution Hub’ will create opportunities for future development and renovating this facility as a major economic driver for southern Alberta are exciting and we’re thrilled to be moving forward on these improvements.”

Work on the upgrades is expected to start this summer.

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** Quote taken  from Transport Canada's media release