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Lethbridge International Airshow safety reminders

​The Lethbridge International Airshow is back this weekend! If you live in the area or are planning to attend, we've got a few things to keep in mind as the events are going on.

  • Residents can expect to see aircraft and hear loud noises overhead beginning today and for the duration of the weekend throughout the city, not just at the event site.
  • Expect traffic to increase leading up to and throughout the weekend around the city, specifically in the area of the airport. Motorists are reminded to drive carefully, obey all posted signage and instructions, and be patient at the event location.
  • Ensure all food items are disposed of in an appropriate manner to avoid attracting wildlife to the airport (this includes items like sunflower seeds that are commonly discarded on the ground).
  • There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the airfield, including inside personal vehicles.
  • Remain within designated areas at all times and follow airport and airshow staff instructions as necessary.
  • Be respectful of static displays around the area.
  • Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  • Regular scheduled flights will not be impacted by the Lethbridge International Airshow, however, travelers may want to allow for extra time to arrive and prepare for departing flights.

These reminders are in place to keep viewers, participants and wildlife safe.

Enjoy the show!

For Public Inquiries:

Call 311 |  Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.