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Beyond The Headline: Lethbridge Transit committed to efficient and effective mobility in our community

​The Lethbridge Transit Master Plan and the KPMG Operational Review have identified that this is the time for the Lethbridge Transit to rethink mobility in our community. We have created the cityLINK network which is scheduled for implementation in September 2021. The full cityLINK plan will be unveiled to the public in June of 2021. This exciting project focuses on providing transit services that are appropriate to transit demand. Areas of high ridership will be provided high frequency fixed route services while areas with less ridership potential will be provided demand response service that connects them to the fixed route network. Implementing these two service types will result in projected annual savings of $350,000. These savings can approach $400,000 per year with the approval of the cityHUB project included in the Capital Improvement Program being debated by Council next week.

Under the cityLINK plan, residents will be able to get from the University to the Downtown core faster than in their vehicle. Enhanced access will be provided to the ATB Centre, Chinook Regional Hospital, and the Mayor Magrath commercial area. Residents living in suburban neighborhoods may be provided a Demand Response connection to the main network using a smaller neighborhood vehicle.

Although the cityLINK network has been designed to improve transit, it is acknowledged that this change may also be disruptive to some existing users. We believe that if you are using the current system, you should also be able to use cityLINK for your trips.

In addition to the cityLINK project, Lethbridge Transit is proposing a reduction in costs by transitioning the fleet of diesel fuel busses to electric over the next fifteen years via potential funding assistance from the Federal Government. Studies have shown that the lifecycle cost of an E-Bus is considerably less than that of a diesel powered bus. Our modelling indicates that each bus has the capability of saving up to $250,000 in total cost over its 15-year lifespan.

The City of Lethbridge would like to acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic will change how transit service is provided. Through the implementation of cityLINK and the E-Bus project, Lethbridge Transit continues to demonstrate our commitment to delivering efficient and effective transit services to the citizens of Lethbridge.

Lethbridge Transit Master Plan