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Lethbridge Transit introduces new cityLINK network

Lethbridge Transit is excited to introduce the cityLINK network which is scheduled for implementation in September 2021. This exciting project rethinks mobility in Lethbridge by providing high frequency fixed route service to areas with high ridership potential, while areas with lower ridership potential will be provided demand response service. These two services will work together in order to provide excellent coverage for the entire CitycityLink_1080x1080_ad_2021-04-09.png of Lethbridge.

"We believe that cityLINK provides the highest level of transit service to the greatest number of people while ensuring the impact to existing customers is mitigated," says Tim Sanderson, General Manager, Lethbridge Transit. "We believe that cityLINK will drastically enhance mobility in our community by providing options and significantly decreasing travel times."

Under the cityLINK plan, residents will be able to get from the University to the Downtown core faster and enjoy improved access to destinations areas such as the ATB Centre, Chinook Regional Hospital, and the Mayor Magrath commercial area.

"Although the cityLINK network has been designed to improve transit, it is acknowledged that this change may also be disruptive to some existing customers," says Sanderson. "We believe that if you are using the current system, you should also be able to use cityLINK for the majority of your trips." Lethbridge Transit will ensure residents have the information and trip planning tools they need to confidently prepare for the new service and adjustments.  

Residents are invited to learn more about the new cityLINK network, complete a short survey, and attend virtual presentations to provide their feedback. The comments we receive will help develop a summary report that will be shared with City council on July 13, 2021. The survey will be available from May 31 until June 18, to learn more visit www.lethbridgeca/citylink or


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