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Leveraging education and expertise at Lethbridge College for employee training at the City

As the City continues to advance learning and training opportunities to develop its workforce, the opportunity to leverage expertise from Lethbridge College has proven to be a valuable community partnership.

“We heard from other municipalities that training for City employees should be tailored to fit what it’s like to live and work here,” says Tracey Rice, Systems Innovation Manager with People & Culture. “Having learning design experts from the College who are already in Lethbridge is a real benefit and validates the partnership approach because we both are fully invested in the process.”

In February 2021, Lethbridge College re-developed its Corporate and Continuing Education department to create LC Extension, a learning solution partner for southern Albertans and local organizations and businesses.

The City had just completed its Talent Management Strategy, which included consolidating training under a new learning and development program and launching an online learning management system. But the City did not have in-house expertise to build online curriculum and needed to launch new learning modules quickly. 

“The LC Extension team has been really responsive to our needs,” says Rice. “They went out of their way to work with our technology and understand our learning needs. It’s been a really good experience.”

The LC Extension team is working with the City’s Customer Experience Project team to build three online modules focused on customer service. The new learning modules will be launched to employees in the Spring of 2022.

“The collaboration between the City of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College’s LC Extension has been incredibly exciting and fulfilling. We have such a vibrant community and knowing that the training being built will be part of nurturing relationships through advancing customer service skills makes me proud,” says Jason Donkersgoed, Director, LC Extension.

“Working with the People and Culture team and the subject matter experts has given us an appreciation for the incredible talent at the City of Lethbridge. All of the City of Lethbridge employees we have had an opportunity to interact with are passionate about building a culture of customer service and I can’t wait to hear how the program we are co-creating is received across the entire organization.”

For more information about LC Extension and the partnership with the City of Lethbridge Click Here