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Lithium Batteries Continue Causing Fires Across Canada

​Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services would like to remind residents that lithium batteries can overheat, explode and cause fires.

Two fires investigated in Lethbridge have been caused by lithium batteries being charged and catching fire unexpectedly. In other jurisdictions, there have been cases with extensive property damage resulting in at least one fatality due to this cause.

Extra precautions should be taken when charging devices that are powered by lithium ion batteries including cellular phones, e-bikes, e-scooters and laptops.

Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services recommends charging devices in a room where someone is present to recognize the early onset of a fire, limiting the charging time to only what is recommended by the manufacturer of the device, storing the device on a non-combustible surface when it is being charged and ensuring charging cables are in good condition with no fraying or exposed wires.

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