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Métis Trail Construction

Map of Métis Trail closuresMétis Trail construction will close sections south of Whoop-Up Drive

Residents of the Copperwood neighbourhood and those living around Temple Blvd W should be aware that a portion of Métis Trail W, south of Whoop-Up Drive W, will be closed starting April 19.

The Métis Trail closure will be between Whoop-Up Drive and Coalbrook Gate W. The section of Métis Trail between Whoop-Up Dr. and Coalbanks Link W will be closed for approximately eleven days, assuming good weather conditions prevail. This closure means that residents should access the Copperwood neighbourhood through Coalbanks Gate W until construction in that section of Métis Trail is complete.

The section of Métis Trail south of the Coalbanks Link W roundabout to Coalbrook Gate W, including the intersection at Temple Blvd W, will remain closed for the remainder of the construction season. This closure means there will not be access between Temple Blvd W and Whoop-Up Drive or 25 Street W until construction is complete. Residents should access the neighbourhoods off of Temple Blvd from Columbia Blvd W or McMaster Blvd W.

Media Contact:

Naftali Kiboya, Transportation Project Engineer
City of Lethbridge
Phone: 403.320.3117