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Statement from the Mayor on recent incidents of crime

I want to start by thanking the Lethbridge Police Service for their unwavering commitment to Lethbridge residents.  I have full confidence in our police service and the work they are doing on the streets and behind the scenes to investigate incidents and lay charges where necessary.

We hear the frustrations of our residents when it comes to unpredictable and violent crimes. We as City Council are frustrated too.  Those people who are a danger to our great city need to be off our streets.  We will not tolerate the notion that criminals can continuously victimize law abiding citizens and get away with it.  This is why we will continue to advocate other levels of government for the supports that Lethbridge needs. 

We need tougher laws to keep dangerous criminals locked up.  We need the Solicitor General of Alberta to give us a permanent Safe Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) presence in the city, to help stop the flow of drugs into Lethbridge and shut down drug houses in our neighbourhoods.  We will continue to advocate the Alberta Crown Prosecutor's Office for a dedicated crown prosecutor in Lethbridge to help with the backlog of cases awaiting a hearing.

In the near future, it is my hope that the creation of an Illicit Drug Use Task Force will pass at City Council as another way we can address crime and personal safety at a municipal level in partnership with invested community organizations.

We as City Council will also continue to partner with our police service with trust and confidence, knowing that every minute of every day, they are out in our community, working hard in the name of safety and public order.

Mayor Chris Spearman.