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Municipal Development Plan Public Hearing set for March 29-April 1

​New dates have been set for a Public Hearing on the new and updated Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Bylaw 6265, which has been submitted to be reviewed and considered for approval by Council.

At Tuesday's meeting, Lethbridge City Council unanimously approved a resolution from Councillor Mark Campbell for new dates to be March 29-31, April 1 and June 1 (for a second Public Hearing).

On February 9, Lethbridge City Council passed first reading for Bylaw 6265. The City of Lethbridge made an error in the advertising for the original Public Hearing date of March 1 to March 5 and needed to reschedule. A public hearing is scheduled for Council to listen to the public's feedback and ask clarifying questions. Changes to the MDP may be made during second and third reading, which will be scheduled at a later date.

The role of the MDP is to set a vision and policy guidance for the City to improve residents' quality of life, to meet the community's changing needs, to foster a prosperous local economy, and to grow in a responsible manner for years to come.

The existing MDP was adopted in 2010 and will be replaced by the updated MDP submitted for Council's consideration. During the past 10 years, the direction of the existing MDP supported many great projects that have improved our community. Some examples include:

  • Legacy Park
  • CASA
  • Helen Schuler Nature Centre
  • Tecconnect Centre
  • ATB Centre
  • Transportation and Cycling Master Plans
  • River valley pathways network

The updated MDP provides high level guidance that will have a big impact in our community. As such, there is an opportunity for residents to share feedback with Council on this new plan. Members of the public and community stakeholders are encouraged to share their feedback on the MDP, Bylaw 6265, during the public hearing for Council's consideration.

For more project information visit: For public participation information, please visit:

Public hearing schedule

Public Hearing DateScheduled Topic
Monday March 29 2021Document sections 1-4 (MDP Background and Community Profile);  portion of document section 5 (Local Economy; Arts; Culture and Heritage; and Relationships Policies)
Tuesday March 30 2021Portion of document section 5 (Transportation; Utilities and Servicing; and Environment Policies)
Wednesday March 31 2021Portion of document section 5 (Community Wellbeing; Housing; and Places policies)
Thursday, April 1 2021

Document section 6 (Implementation); document section 7 (Appendices: (Glossary; Guide to Reserves; Policy and Outcome Relationship; Development History; and Data Notes)

*On April 1, the public is also welcome to make presentations on previously discussed items

*all meetings will begin at 4 p.m.

Public hearing participation

  Type of participationDetails
1.       Submit feedback formSubmission form open from March 9 to March 26. One form per topic of discussion You may submit as many as you wish.
2.       Make an in-person presentation You may sign up the day you wish to present or email ahead of time.
3.       Submit feedback form and make an in-person presentation Submission form open from March 9 to March 26 also allows you to indicate if you wish to make a presentation.
4.       Join the public hearing via Microsoft Teams with the option to make a virtual presentationYou may join any day of the public hearing – people wishing to present will be encouraged to present via MS Teams.

Once they have been published the week prior, the agendas will be located here: