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New 4-Way Stop - Columbia Blvd W

To enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists, a new four-way stop is being implemented, starting Tuesday, Aug. 7 at the intersection of Columbia Boulevard West and Laval Boulevard West/Lafayette Boulevard West.

Based on ongoing analysis by Transportation staff, this intersection has been identified for a four-way stop to address traffic volumes and the number of right-angle collisions at this location. In addition, replacing the existing pedestrian-activated signals and Yield signs with a four-way stop will provide a more controlled, safer intersection for children accessing Nicholas Sheran School as well as other pedestrians and motorists. All approaching vehicles will be required to stop at the intersection before proceeding rather than only yielding to pedestrians at flashing signals or signs.

Signage is posted around this intersection to advise motorists in advance of this change to traffic controls. Motorists are asked to take note of this change and drive courteously.

Media Contacts:
Ahmed Ali, Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning Manager
City of Lethbridge

Mike Rohovie, Traffic Technologist
City of Lethbridge