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New Property Addressing Requirements

​New property addressing requirements are being introduced to help residents, service providers and emergency responders get to the right place at the right time, every time. 

Under a new Naming and Addressing Bylaw approved today by City Council, residential, commercial and industrial property owners are now required to have address numbers plainly visible on the front of their homes and buildings. Residential, commercial and industrial property owners will have 24 months to comply with a new requirement for address numbers to be plainly displayed on the rear of their properties if the property abuts a lane. Properties with no rear lane are exempt from this new rear address requirement. Until now, the City of Lethbridge has not had a bylaw to define the processes for proper, effective naming and addressing of properties in Lethbridge.  

"Most Alberta cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and St. Albert each have an addressing and naming bylaw. The Naming and Addressing Bylaw will not only help the City of Lethbridge regulate the placement of addresses but will also help avoid confusion, inefficiencies and potential life safety issues in emergency response situations," said Mayor Chris Spearman. 

In the past, individual City of Lethbridge departments had to maintain their own independent property address databases. This resulted in City departments having various addresses on file for the same property and caused confusion for municipal service providers as well as the public and private contractors. Over the past year, Planning and Development Services has worked with all City departments to coordinate the creation of a central address database. 

As this cleanup effort continues, a central address database will be available to all City departments as well as emergency service providers, utility providers and external agencies such as Canada Post. As a result, the City has established processes and procedures to ensure that addressing is done consistently and systematically.  

Media Contact:
Gerald Gauthier, Communications Consultant