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New intersection controls coming to McMaster Boulevard West


The City of Lethbridge is changing the intersections of McMaster Boulevard West at Temple Boulevard West and McGill Boulevard West from one-way stop controls to three-way stop controls, effective Monday, July 26, 2021.

The change will include the removal of the flashing pedestrian light and yield signs at the Temple Blvd. intersection and the installation of stop signs on all approaches at both Temple Blvd. and McGill Blvd. intersections.

This decision is based on traffic volume, traffic control warrant, safety and changes to the area road network. This is an interim improvement as these two intersections are included for future geometric improvements.

Since University Drive West was twinned and its speed increased to 60 km/h, it will become the primary north-south arterial road for through traffic. McMaster Blvd. is a collector road with residential frontage and through traffic is discouraged along a collector road. Currently, traffic entering from side streets on McMaster Blvd face excessive delays and resulting collisions due to higher traffic volumes on McMaster Blvd.

The removal of the flashing light and installation of stop signs on all approaches will change the operation of the intersection. All approaching vehicles would be required to stop at the intersection instead of only yielding to pedestrians at the flashing light or at stopping at the yield signs on Temple Blvd. and McGill Blvd.

The flashing pedestrian lights must be removed when the stop signs are installed as the beacons send a conflicting message to drivers that they only need to yield when a pedestrian is present, whereas the stop sings indicates that vehicles must stop regardless of whether pedestrians are present.

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