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Autumn Snowfall Update

All City facilities and services have resumed normal operations, with the exception of Waste & Recycling.

Waste and Recycling - October 1 - 5

Because there was no garbage or recycling pick-up on October 1, all pick-ups will shift one day this week with Friday collection being done on Saturday. 

​If your pick-up day is...
This week your cart will be picked up on...
***Residents who have blue cart pick-up this week, are asked to consider not putting out their bins or taking their recycling the recycling stations instead.  Crews will be attempting all pick-ups, but may not be able to reach your bins due to ice and snow build up and drifting. Alleys will be particularly problematic.***

With the recent snowfall, we're providing a few reminders for residents. Learn more

Prepare for possible flooding

  • Make sure your sump pumps are working
  • Ensure catch basins along your street are clear of ice and debris if it's safe to do so. Crews are available to clear catch basins if you notice flooding. Please report any blocked catch basins to 311 (or 403-320-3111)
  • Remove snow that is near the foundation of your home
  • Eavestroughs and extensions should drain at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) away from your house. 
  • If possible, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and are draining water when snow starts to melt
  • For front or backyard eavestroughs, direct the downspout extensions away from your home's foundation onto your yard and away from your neighbours’ homes.


All snow removal equipment is mobilized and crews are working on Priority 2 & 3 routes. The priority 1 plow routes are complete and passable and windrowing on priority 1 routes is complete. 

Sanding of Priority 1, 2 and 3 routes will be ongoing throughout the day.

Crews are working on clearing drifts and working with other city services to clear waste and recyling routes, bus routes and help ensure electric vehicles can get into alleys to fix downed lines.  Foreman are out today, checking for impassable areas due to drifting.

Lethbridge Transit - Tuesday, October 1

Transit is running at full operation today with some detours to certain routes. Road conditions are still tricky so please anticipate delays. Detoured routes can be found on our Transit website.  Expect minor delays

School Buses - Tuesday, October 1

School buses are back in operation.  The snow is melting and City crews continue to clear the streets. The safety of students, drivers and the community are our first priority. To ensure safe arrivals, we will be traveling slow and steady - please expect the possibility of delays. Parents are asked to remind their children to dress for the weather.

***Many sidewalks and curbs are still snow and ice covered and can be dangerous.  Parks Operations will be able to get to these areas once the snow loosens up due to melting, so their equipment can be used to plow it.  Parents are asked to use caution and are thanked in advance for their patience.***

Access-A-Ride - October 1

Access-A-Ride service is operating,  but due to the weather conditions, there may be delays. Clients are reminded that pickup areas must be cleared of snow and ice. 

Waste & Recycling Facilities

  • Yard Waste Sites (open with reduced hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Recycling Depots (open)
  • Waste & Recycling Centre (open)
  • Commercial Drop Off site / Public Drop Off site (open)
  • Landfill Operations (open)
  • Material Recycling Facility (MRF) (open)
  • Commercial Waste Collection (delayed and playing catch up from yesterday)

Large Item Service (LIS) will also resume after Wednesday, October 2. This may mean scheduled pick-ups will be slightly delayed. If residents have an LIS pick-up that hasn't been done by Saturday, October 5, please call 311. 


Our tree crews are focused on downed trees on priority routes. They will get to reported trees as soon as they can. Please report any downed trees to 311.

Due to the heavy snow and ice, snow removal on pathways is proving difficult. We will clear snow from the pathways on priority routes as soon as we can.  We are currently working on priority ! routes and expect to have all routes complete in five days. 

Popson Park dog run is impassable at this time.  A barricade has been placed across the entrance gate.  Road should be cleared/graded and the park re-opened later this week.

Electric Operations

Residents are reminded to avoid downed trees and power lines. If you see a downed tree in contact with power line, do not approach. Please call 311 or 403-320-3111. Electric crews will respond as soon as possible.

Fire Hydrants & Sidewalks

Fire and EMS are asking for residents to do their best in keeping fire hydrants and sidewalks clear for emergency vehicles. 

If shoveling and clearing around your home is possible, please take care to not pile snow on or around fire hydrants.  Please also assist your neighbours with snow clearing if you are able and remember that a clear sidewalk means an ambulance can access you if necessary.

Lethbridge Airport

There is a runway open at Lethbridge Airport and WestJet and Air Canada have resumed their scheduled flights into YQL. Flight information can be found at the Lethbridge Airport website. If you have questions about delayed or cancelled flights, please contact the air carrier directly.

Pools - October 1

  • Stan Siwik Pool (open)
  • Nicholas Sheran Pool (open)
  • Fritz Sick Pool (open)

***Swimming lessons will resume today.***

The Cor Van Raay YMCA is open. Visit for more information.


Our arenas are open as scheduled. Visit the website for more information:



The Galt Museum & Archives


Lethbridge Public Library


Nature Centre