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Investigation underway into oil in Oldman River

​The City of Lethbridge is advising residents of an oily substance discovered in the Oldman River.

The discovery was made on Tuesday, March 15 at Peenaquim park, at the base of the coulees area that meets the river.

The source or cause of the oil spill into the river has not yet been identified, but it did not come from the City of Lethbridge Storm Sewer system.  An investigation is ongoing to determine the source of the spill.

Initial reports show the substance looks to be motor oil and the City is fully cooperating with the SWAT Consulting Inc. environmental response team and Alberta Environment and Parks to follow all clean up procedures and strategies. 

Cleanup has gone well and a majority of the oil substance has been removed. It is anticipated that cleanup will be complete this week. We look forward to learning more as the investigation concludes.


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