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Online Budget Allocator Launched

‚ÄčAn online Budget Allocator is being launched today that allows Lethbridge residents to explore how their priorities for municipal services would affect City spending.

The City's operating budget is determined by the municipal services that are provided, and this fall, City Council will set a new four-year operating budget. Budget Allocator is the latest of several opportunities before then for residents to examine existing City services and provide feedback on how they compare with their own priorities. It is an education and awareness tool intended to enhance residents' understanding of what goes into the City's operating budget. 

Budget Allocator will be available until Oct. 23 by visiting and selecting the Operating Budget button. It allows users to make selections that would increase, decrease or maintain existing spending levels in 10 service categories and then see how the overall budget would be affected. Users can also leave comments regarding their selections.

Information on the current and previous City of Lethbridge operating budgets is available at

Media Contact:
Gerald Gauthier, Communications Consultant
City of Lethbridge