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Online Questionnaire Regarding City Services

‚ÄčAn online questionnaire launched today is the first of several opportunities this fall for residents to provide input regarding their spending priorities for City services.

The questionnaire and other community engagement activities this fall aim to ask residents: If you ran the City of Lethbridge, what would your priorities be for City services? Residents are invited to complete the brief online questionnaire at

"This November, City Council will set a new four-year operating budget, and now is the time for Lethbridge residents to let us know what they think, starting with this online questionnaire," says Councillor Mark Campbell, chairperson of Council's Open and Effective Government Committee. "The City's operating budget is determined by the services we provide. Over the next several weeks, Council will be providing a variety of additional online and in-person opportunities for Lethbridge residents to examine these services and tell us how they compare with their own priorities."

The City of Lethbridge runs on multi-year budgets that are set by City Council every four years. City Council members are scheduled to meet as Finance Committee Nov. 19-24 for deliberations and approval of a 2019-2022 Operating Budget.

Media Contact:
Gerald Gauthier, Communications Consultant
City of Lethbridge