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PSCC Communications Specialist of the Year 2017

Every day members of the Public Safety Communications Centre (911 Centre) answer hundreds of calls for help and provide a lifeline for those in need.  

This week marks National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week, and local Communication Specialist Alastair Paterson is being honoured with the Lethbridge Public Safety Communication Specialist of the Year Award for 2017. 

In the Emergency Communication Services Industry, it is easy to shine a light on those who are present and excel during large scale events. Alastair has been a member of the PSCC since 2014, and during his time he has been involved in many of these highly stressful situations where seconds truly counted and the information he provided over the phone to those in need saved lives.  

However, in between the few major events there are hundreds and thousands of small events that require the same consistent attention to detail and professionalism. Alastair demonstrates this level of excellence to every call he takes around the clock and on every shift. He brings a high standard of customer service to work with him every day and applies it to his interactions with his coworkers, the first responders and the public. Alastair is a shining example of teamwork, discipline and composure within the City of Lethbridge. 

Communication Specialist of the Year is a peer-nominated distinction that honours a member of the Lethbridge Public Safety Communications Centre for their leadership, professionalism and teamwork. The award is handed out annually during National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week. 

Media Contact:
Chris Kearns
Manager, Public Safety Communications Centre
City of Lethbridge