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Opening day set for Park ‘n’ Ride Transit Terminal

​With construction complete and road work nearing an end, the Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal is set to be operational on Wednesday, August 28. Additionally, a Grand Opening celebration and free transit day are planned for Friday, September 6.

This multi-purpose facility located at 705 – 5 Ave. S. (behind the downtown Post Office), brings together City transit services with other regional public transportation options into one, convenient location. Lethbridge Transit, Red Arrow and Highway 3 Connector will all operate out of the new terminal.

For City transit users, this opening will relocate the downtown Lethbridge Transit hub from its current on-street location along 4 Ave S. to the new building. Signage will be posted to inform riders of this upcoming change and to direct people to the new terminal as of August 28.

With this transition, 8 bus stops in the downtown area will be decommissioned with the majority of this traffic being funneled through the new terminal. Two on-street bus stops will remain including 4 Ave between 6 and 7 St S and on 6 St between 4 and 5 Ave S (see map). Signage will also be posted at these locations to inform riders of the change.

There will be minor route changes as buses move from 4 Ave. to the new location. These are included in the newest version of the Transit New Ride guide, will appear in the MyRide app as of August 28 and will be posted on the City and Lethbridge Transit websites. These minor changes will not have any significant impact on current route times.  

The Transit Terminal will provide residents with a comfortable and safe location to access City transit service that is protected from the weather and offers amenities such as Breeze Card purchasing and washroom facilities.

To access real-time transit information visit or download the Lethbridge Transit app. For more information on the Lethbridge Regional Park 'n' Ride Transit Terminal project visit


Media Contact:
Scott Grieco, Lethbridge Transit Operations Manager
City of Lethbridge