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Parks department creates unique recycling baskets for local parks

Residents may notice a new addition to garbage bins with an innovation created by the Parks department – modified baskets that make recycling more convenient while allowing those looking for cans and bottles to access the materials more safely.

Approximately 120 recycling baskets will be installed in Indian Battle Park, Galt Gardens, Henderson Park and Nicholas Sheran Park as a pilot project this fall. The metal mesh baskets attach to existing garbage bins and include a latch system that anyone can open.

The Parks department was looking for a cost-effective way to promote recycling in parks while creating a more accessible container for people who might already be looking for recyclables in the garbage. Safety was also a concern as there may be unseen hazardous materials in the standard bins.

"I'm really proud of how our staff came together to address this issue," says David Ellis, Parks Manager. "We drew out different concepts and created a prototype out of cardboard and duct tape. Then we found a manufacturer to turn our idea into the final product."

"It's pretty cool to see our creative concept finally installed," he adds.

The recycling baskets will be installed over the next month. Depending on budget and public feedback, additional baskets may be ordered later this year.


Media Contact:
David Ellis, Parks Manager
City of Lethbridge