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Programmable lighting systems require electrical permits and inspections

​Programmable, coloured lighting can be a great way to have a year-round festive atmosphere at your home. But – did you know they have to be installed by a licensed electrician and inspected by the City of Lethbridge to be deemed safe and meet the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code?

Building Inspection Services can assist residents with understanding the installation requirements for these lighting systems, often referred to as soffit lighting. A notable difference is that soffit lighting is a permanent installation, while Christmas lights are temporary and use a plug in.

While some soffit systems may be marketed as safe to install yourself or for installation by your local handyperson, there are a few regulations that need to be followed for the safety of you and your home or business:

  • An electrical permit is required
  • The installation needs to be done by an electrical contractor with a City of Lethbridge business license
  • If already installed, an approved/passed electrical inspection report is required.

"As a community, we value safety and the wellbeing of our residents," says Ken Forbes, Senior Electrical Inspector with the City of Lethbridge. "We are aware of many of the companies selling and installing this product. We know the product is being installed incorrectly and unsafely around the city and we know the dangers of what could happen if the product is installed incorrectly. We're able give clear direction to residents on what needs to be done to make the product safe."

The City of Lethbridge is encouraging residents and businesses to be aware and educated about the products they're installing. Building Inspection Services is available to help with residents who believe their system may be installed incorrectly or without permits.

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