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Public Health protocols, capacity limits in place for Public Hearings

​On Tuesday starting at 4 p.m., Lethbridge City Council will have three hearings in Council Chamber at City Hall to listen to the public's feedback and ask clarifying questions.

The City of Lethbridge is committed to keeping meetings open to the public. We do, however, have an obligation as a municipality to follow the provincial restrictions for gatherings. We need to meet those requirements based on attendance by Council, administration, presenters, media and the public. Members of Council may be participating in meetings remotely (as permitted through 199(1) of the Municipal Government Act).

Under current protocols, the allowable capacity in Council Chamber is 20 people. We will have TVs broadcasting the hearing in the City Hall lobby for up to 15 more people. Additional attendees will be required to stand outside the building.

The Public Hearings will be live streamed at and will be on TV through Shaw Spotlight – Channel 9 and BlueCurve TV Channel 105. For a live Twitter feed, please follow @LethCityClerk.

One of the Public Hearings Tuesday is on Bylaw 6267 - 110 13 Street South. This bylaw proposes a rezoning to the captioned parcels from General Commercial (C-G) to Direct Control (DC) to allow for a drop-in centre, food bank, resource centre, shelter, and soup kitchen as permitted uses, along with all other permitted and discretionary uses listed in the C-G district. 

Currently on the agenda are two other hearings that will occur at 4 p.m. – Bylaw 6268, a land use amendment bylaw for 15 MicMac Boulevard West and at 4:30 p.m. – the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone (DBRZ) Budget. At its February 23 meeting, Council unanimously voted to direct that a meeting for the purposes of review and approval of the Lethbridge DBRZ 2021 Budget be set for March 23, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chamber at City Hall.

The hearing for Bylaw 6267 will begin immediately following the closure of the meeting on the DBRZ Budget. We will not be seating anyone for the 110 13 Street South Hearing until after the previous hearings have ended.

Public notice went out earlier this month in regards to all of the public participation methods for the hearings, including registration to speak at the meeting, through online written submissions, comments dropped off to the City Clerk's Office on the 2nd floor of City Hall, online presentations at the meeting, or sending a recorded voice presentation. All materials provided are published in the public agenda. Those registered to speak have been advised that meetings are recorded and live-streamed.

Process and procedure for Bylaw 6267 Public Hearing:

1. Members of administration will begin with a presentation regarding land use.
2. The applicant will make a verbal presentation.
3. Anyone wishing to speak will be given an opportunity to speak for five minutes   
  a. In an effort to ensure all speakers are heard, we will ask that once you speak, you sit down in the gallery.
  b. We ask that all speakers keep their facemask on while speaking at the podium.
  c. Between each speaker, the podium will be sanitized in accordance with health and safety standards.
  d. After each group of speakers, City Council may ask questions of any speaker.  
  e. After City Council has completed asking questions, you will be asked to leave the gallery area, so as to make room for the next group of speakers.
  f. After a group of speakers have left, the gallery will also be sanitized in accordance with health and safety standards.
4. Once discussion/questions are complete, the Public Hearing will adjourn. 
5. City Council may make a decision following the Public Hearing.

Additional email correspondence has been sent to registered speakers, including the option for them to participate virtually in light of capacity issues.