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Recycling Reminders

‚ÄčAs we inch closer to the start of curbside recycling, residents are reminded of these important recycling tips to ensure a smooth transition to our new blue cart program.

  • Cart Delivery
    All blue carts have been delivered. If you have City of Lethbridge black cart garbage collection and have not yet received your blue cart, please contact our customer contact centre by calling 311.
  • Pickup Location
    All blue carts were delivered to the front of each home so that addresses could be verified. If your black cart pickup is in the back alley, your blue cart pickup will there be as well. In this case, you will need to move your blue cart to the back for pickup. 
  • Cart Placement
    The same rules apply for blue and black cart placement. The cart being picked up should be at least 1.5 metre from any objects like a fence, garage, car, and your other cart. This distance is requred so that the mechanical truck arms can safely pick up the cart. Make sure your cart is out by 7 a.m. on your pickup day and return it to your property after pickup.

    Do - Pull the cart (that is being picked up) away from buildings and your other cart. 

    Don't - Leave your carts side-by-side and close to fences, buildings or cars. 

  • Bi-weekly Garbage Collection
    The introduction of curbside recycling reduces garbage collection to bi-weekly. Residents will put out their blue cart and black cart on alternating weeks. Get tips on how to manage bi-weekly garbage collection here. For help keeping track of your pickup schedule, sign up for reminders through Waste Wizard at   
  • Know the Ins and Outs
    The City of Lethbridge curbside recycling program is focused on collecting quality materials that have market value. With that in mind, there are important rules around what goes in and what needs to be left out of the blue cart. Please review the information package that came with your cart and visit for more details.
  • Cart Checks
    The City of Lethbridge will be implementing a cart-checking program in conjunction with the rollout of curbside recycling. The cart-checking program will provide direct feedback to residents as they learn the new curbside program. To make sure that contaminated material does not end up with the clean recyclables, summer students will be going out ahead of recycling collection trucks and reviewing the material being placed in the blue carts. Students will tag excessively-contaminated carts with an "Oops! Tag", and that cart will not be collected. The tag will indicate what was done incorrectly so the resident can remove the contamination before their next pickup.
  • Wind Tips
    We know that the stubborn southern Alberta winds can cause troubles, so remember these tips when putting out your recycling cart.
    • Make sure the lid is fully closed. 
    • Do not overfill your cart to the point where the lid does not close.  
    • If possible, keep your blue cart inside on extremely windy days and use the depots for excess material.
    • Put your cart out on the morning of pickup and roll it back onto your property into a sheltered area as soon as possible. Do not leave your cart in the street or alley for extended periods of time.

Watch for us in the community. Summer students will be attending events and visiting locations across the City over the next several months. They will be available to help answer questions and provide more information on the curbside recycling program.

Curbside recycling pickup will begin between May 14 and May 24. To find the date of your first pickup, view the map here or sign up for collection reminders at

For public inquiries, contact:

Media Contact:
Juliane Ruck, Waste and Recycling Operations Manager
City of Lethbridge
Phone: 403-320- 3859