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Resident feedback used to help determine snow, ice and street sweeping service level recommendations

​In 2020, the KPMG report recommended the City of Lethbridge modify service levels for both Snow and Ice Control and Street Sweeping.

On March 4, 2021, members of the Transportation department presented the Civic Works Standing Policy Committee with several suggested actions for both Snow and Ice and Street Sweeping service level modifications with a recommended action to obtain public feedback on possible service level modifications.

Lethbridge residents have since provided feedback through significant engagement with virtual open houses, stakeholders meetings and online engagement surveys. The City of Lethbridge has used the feedback from this engagement to help determine recommendations to Council.

On Wednesday, members of the Civic Standing Policy Committee (SPC) were provided detailed reports on the matters. The SPC then voted to recommend that City Council approve the following service level modifications:

  • Starting in winter of 2022/23, Phase 1 declaration of snow routes and implementation of plowing to the right on approximately 25 km of selected roadways
  • Starting in winter of 2023/24 and continuing into winter of 2024/25, begin Phase 2 implement the provision of more residential plowing, less snow removal (snow removal only in the hospital area, downtown and around school zones) in combination with declaring snow routes more frequently city-wide and provide enforcement during snow events
  • Administration report back to Civic Works Standing Policy Committee in the spring of 2025 about operating budget and resource impacts
  • Maintain current service levels for all sweeping programs and to enhance enforcement action

"Public engagement is about considering the input, ideas and perspectives of residents who are interested or impacted by decisions before they are made," says Acting Mayor Belinda Crowson, Chair of the Civic Works SPC. "Throughout the phases, the department will collect feedback from the public and that feedback will help determine how this all moves forward."

"We are aware that some of these proposed changes may have significant impact to residents, so we have held thorough public engagement to hear their concerns and make the appropriate recommendations," says Darwin Juell, General Manager of Transportation.

These proposed items and SPC recommendations will now head to a future City Council meeting for potential approval.

Changes to the service levels will be communicated to the public once a Council decision is made and information to assist residents in understanding any approved changes will be provided.

For Public Inquiries:

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