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Residents reminded to be aware of fire prevention strategies

​As August is typically a hot and dry month in southern Alberta, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services (LFES) wants to help mitigate ongoing issues and general risks by reminding the public about fire prevention strategies.

LFES is committed to educating the public to create a safer community and the Fire Prevention Bureau is reminding people that extra care and diligence should be taken when outside of your home and enjoying the warm weather.

Several structure fires in Lethbridge recently have been caused by inappropriate disposal of smoking materials. LFES would like to remind residents that when extinguishing smoking materials, ensure it is always disposed of properly in a non-combustible container filled with sand or water. Also, please do not discard smoking materials out of your moving vehicle.

"These are vital reminders to our public," says Troy Hicks, Fire Prevention Officer. "We are active in the community throughout the year sharing fire safety messages with Lethbridge residents, but at this time of year – when it remains hot and dry – we want to put extra emphasis on fire prevention."

Some other general information, tips and resources include:

  • August is still wildfire season. Check Alberta's wildfire status here
  • A fire ban is still active on all open fires in the Lethbridge's River Valley. Read more here
  • Lethbridge County has issued a Fire Restriction. More information here
  • When in use, barbecues should be a safe distance away from walls and fences
  • Materials such as cloth rags that have been used with organic stains need to be disposed of in a sealable metal container containing water
  • Using a plant pot as an ashtray could start a fire. The potting plant soil could insulate the cigarette butt instead of extinguishing it. More safety information here

For more information, residents are encouraged to call the Fire Prevention office at 403-320-3811 or visit the City's website here.

Canadian Blood Services in Lethbridge is also in need of appointments. Last month, LFES crews assisted in the hostage situation where the victim suffered life-threatening injuries. Her friends have posted a blood/plasma donation drive for August 9-11 looking to raise awareness and increase donations of the much-needed fluids. Those interested can register under the team name 50 Shades of Red ID# TKRU0104910.

General appointments can also be booked here: