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Road Maintenance Tax Change

City Council has approved an update to the City's tax bylaw which will change how Lethbridge property owners are taxed for road maintenance. 

Starting this year, the tax collected annually for road maintenance will be based on property assessment values rather than on lot sizes. Previously, a special tax for road maintenance was charged to properties more than 10 years old, which created the potential for modest older homes on larger lots to be charged proportionately more for road maintenance than more expensive homes on comparatively smaller lots, regardless of age. This special tax is being eliminated, and property taxes will be adjusted slightly to make up the difference.

"We'll be collecting the same overall amount for road maintenance, but we'll be collecting it differently in a way that ensures some residents don't pay a disproportionate share," says Councillor Jeff Carlson, noting that the change will make Lethbridge consistent with most other Alberta municipalities. 

The 2018 operating budget includes $3.8 million for maintenance of roads, sidewalks, boulevards, trees and storm sewers. The change will take effect this year and will be reflected in 2018 property tax notices scheduled to be issued in May.  

Media Contact:
Gerald Gauthier, Communications Consultant
City of Lethbridge