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Public art gift from Saint-Laurent to be installed next week

​The efforts of a unique public art exchange between Lethbridge and twin city, Saint-Laurent, Québec. will be realized next week with the installation of Offrande migratoire / Migratory Gift. On Tuesday, October 9, cranes will be on-site in front of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden to place this special gift, commemorating 50 years of twinning friendship.

Offrande migratoire / Migratory Gift is the creation of Québec.-based artist Marc Dulude. The work is comprised of four bronze flying geese who are tethered to a large sandstone rock which they are dragging across the grass. The line drawn in the earth marks the trail of the stone and references the strength of the friendship that allows the two twin cities to surpass barriers as they continue to honour their 50 year twinning.

Visual representation of what the art piece will look like when placed along Mayor Magrath Drive.

Saint-Laurent will receive Coyote2coyote from Lethbridge, displaying two bronze coyotes set against an abstract coulee form created by Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew. The coyotes are a mirror image of each other and are positioned so they are looking backwards towards the west. The art work will be installed in a large public square in Saint-Laurent.

Both art works incorporate urban dwelling wildlife, common to both communities, which symbolize the commonality of the two twin cities.

The twinning of Saint-Laurent and Lethbridge dates back to 1967 when Canada's twin city program was created as part of the 100th anniversary of Canada's confederation. The project was intended to strengthen relations between eastern and western Canada.

Saint-Laurent and Lethbridge are the only cities in Canada that are still actively pursuing their twinning. Each year, Lethbridge residents travel to Saint-Laurent to experience the landscape and culture of Québec. Likewise, Saint-Laurent citizens come to Lethbridge to learn about southern Alberta.

Weather permitting, Offrande migratoire / Migratory Gift is expected to be fully installed by Wednesday, October 10 and available for public viewing. For more information on public art in Lethbridge visit

Media Contact:
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Community Arts and Culture Manager
City of Lethbridge
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