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Signs of Change to Downtown Parking

​As the transition to a new downtown parking system begins, visitors will start to see new signage installed followed by parking payment kiosks throughout the downtown. Those parking in the downtown are reminded to continue using the current parking meters until they are marked as out-of-operation.

Over the next several weeks, the installation of new signage related to the new system will take place. Following the signage install, 170, pay-by-plate machines will be added throughout the downtown. Weather permitting, the new system is expected to be operational in late May at which time the meters will be hooded with directions to the nearest parking kiosk.

The new parking system is user-friendly and provides more flexibility for residents. After parking in one of the over 1900 downtown parking stalls, drivers will walk to the nearest kiosks, select the zone they are parked in, enter their plate number and pay for their parking by coin or credit card. There will also be the convenient option of paying for and monitoring parking time through a smartphone app.  

Residents wishing to test out the new system can access demo machines available in the City Hall foyer and the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) office.

When fully implemented, this upgrade will introduce modern parking technologies to the downtown core. Enforcement officers will be able to monitor parking using a license plate recognition system, helping establish consistent parking controls.

When the new system is implemented, there will be no change to the current parking meter rates. Paid parking is used in the downtown to deter all-day parking, ensuring parking turnover and the ongoing availability of spaces for shoppers and visitors. This also helps foster a vibrant downtown with increased business activity and revenue opportunities.

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