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Snow and ice control update: what we’re doing and how you can help

​Crews are responding to areas with drifting snow and snow plowing continues on priority routes.

Snow removal will begin on certain Priority 1 routes at 7 p.m. including:

  • Stafford Drive from 6 Avenue South to 4 Avenue North
  • 3 Avenue South from Stafford Drive South to Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 6 Avenue South from Stafford Drive to Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 13 Street South from 10 Avenue South to 9 Avenue North
  • 9 Avenue South from 13 Street South to Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 10 Avenue South from Scenic Drive South to Mayor Magrath Drive South

If possible, anyone that parks along these routes is asked to voluntarily move their vehicles to give our large equipment room to work.

Bridge Drive is expected to re-open later this afternoon. Crews continue to ensure clear access to the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 Testing Centre and Chinook Regional Hospital.

Snow plowing vs. snow removal

On snow plowing routes, snow is plowed to the side of the road and occurs primarily on arterial roads like Whoop Up Drive where the snow will not block driveways.

Snow removal occurs on high volume roads located in residential areas, including 6 Avenue South, 10 Avenue South or 5 Avenue North. Snow is plowed to the middle of the road, in windrows, so that we do not block residential driveways with plowed snow. Windrowed snow is then removed by truck. This process typically occurs after a larger accumulation of snow.

Understanding priority routes

We are getting a lot of questions about priority routes. During a snowfall event, initial sanding, salting, and snow plowing efforts will focus on Priority 1 routes, the busiest arterial roads, throughout the city including Whoop-Up Drive, Mayor Magrath Drive and Scenic Drive. Priority 1 routes are determined based on the roads incline, grade and traffic volume. 

The City typically does not plow low volume residential roads unless they are impassible for emergency vehicles and the general public with properly equipped vehicles.

All sanding, snow removal and snow plowing routes are available at

Managing snow around your residence or business

Thank you to everyone who has been a good neighbor and cleared the snow around their property as soon as possible. Please help us keep neighbourhood roads safe by piling snow from driveways, lanes or sidewalks onto your property, not on the road. We have reports of unnecessary snow accumulation due to snow being shoveled on to the street, which creates icy patches, ruts and unsafe driving conditions. It's also important to shovel snow toward your property line to keep storm drains clear and prevent flooding.

If you have elderly neighbours or know someone that is unable to clear snow on their own, please be a snow angel and help shovel their sidewalk.

Contractors responsible for snow and ice management around local businesses are reminded to pile snow at the edge of the property line, not on the road, alley or sidewalk.

What's next

Dedicated staff are on a winter storm watch shifts providing 24-hour coverage, 7 days per week. Crews will continue to respond to requests to address trouble spots and manage snow and ice on priority routes.

More information on the City's Snow and Ice Control program is available online at: