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Using solar to power pedestrian safety - a first for Lethbridge

​Work to enhance pedestrian safety at 9 Avenue N and 18 Street N - in front of the Galbraith Elementary School - is scheduled to begin July 3 and the new solution is also good for the environment. 

The planned construction will include the installation of the City’s first solar powered flashing pedestrian lights as well as an extension of the curb called a bulb-out.  A bulb-out extends the sidewalk to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians and allows better sight lines for both pedestrians and approaching vehicles.

Motorists should be aware that traffic is going to be detoured around the work zone. Weather permitting, the work is expected to finish in three weeks, at which time all lanes will re-open.

Media Contact:
Richard Brummund, Transportation Operations
Phone: 403-329-7337