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Statement from Mayor Spearman on Thursday's Protest Against Racial Discrimination

​Let me begin by saying that racism has no place in our city.

For those planning to attend one of the Lethbridge protests against racial discrimination this week, thank you for sharing your voices. Our Lethbridge City Council is with you.

We should all have the courage to each examine our own selves, examine our own history and the history of the City of Lethbridge. We can't just speak about wanting to change and we can't stay silent. We must work together for change, unity and inclusion.

Lethbridge: say no to racism.

For this week's gatherings, also please remember that COVID-19 is still with us. The advice for anyone attending a protest is the same as for anyone going to the park or attending any other outdoor event. We recommend that individuals keep two metres physical distance, wear masks when physical distancing is not possible, and please continue to follow the public health measures.

-Mayor Chris Spearman