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Streets Alive 24-hour comfort centre

​The City of Lethbridge has partnered with Streets Alive Mission to extend their current operations and provide a 24-hour comfort centre for vulnerable residents through the winter months.

Located at 323 – 4 Street South, Streets Alive Mission will expand its hours and the number of support staff onsite beginning December 1, 2022. These efforts will continue on a contracted basis until March 31, 2023.

Streets Alive Mission has been providing support services to vulnerable citizens in Lethbridge for more than 30 years. As Streets Alive Mission will not operate as an overnight sleeping space, individuals will not have access to beds, mats or showers. This short-term project will protect individuals from extreme weather exposure and provide an opportunity to connect with supports and services that can improve their overall well-being. Staff will provide referrals, resources, basic first aid, basic needs supplies and refreshments.

In addition to these overnight resources, there are many local service organizations that are available to help during the day. Check out our extreme cold response supports for more information.