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Set it and forget it - a TIPP for tax savings.

​​​​Residential and commercial property owners in Lethbridge can save money and eliminate the need for large, lump-sum payments at tax time by enrolling in our convenient monthly Tax Instalment Prepayment Plan (TIPP).

By enrolling in TIPP, you'll reduce your tax bill with a one-per-cent annual discount credit on your prepaid balance, and your property taxes will be paid in 10 automated monthly instalments from August 1 through May 1. Any balance left owing will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on June 30. That means when tax time rolls around in June each year, your bill will be paid and you won't need to come up with a large, lump-sum payment. You also won't have to worry about missing the annual June 30 deadline and incurring a seven-per-cent late payment penalty.

Property owners whose 2017 taxes are paid in full can sign up for TIPP by July 20 to be enrolled in the program for their 2018 property taxes. You can enroll any time of the year, but the longer you wait to enroll in the TIPP cycle, the larger your equal monthly instalments will be your first year. 

For those property owners who missed the June 30, 2017 payment date, the late payment charge will be waived if the 2017 taxes are paid in full and the owner enrolls in the TIPP program before September 15, 2017.

You can enroll in TIPP in person at City Hall or online at:

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Larry Laverty, Assessment and Taxation Manager
City of Lethbridge