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Traffic to be diverted around construction at Great Bear Blvd.

‚ÄčThe City of Lethbridge has implemented changes to accommodate traffic concerns in west Lethbridge related to two major road construction projects. By the end of next week, the construction contractor working at McMaster Blvd. W., Macleod Dr. W. and Mt. Burke Blvd. W. anticipates opening temporary lanes to divert traffic around the intersection for the new Great Bear Blvd.

These temporary lanes are a change from the original traffic plan that closed the intersection completely. This new option allows traffic to continue to flow north and south on McMaster Blvd., reducing congestion on University Drive which is also under construction. The new temporary lanes can also accommodate emergency vehicles when needed.

Given the concerns heard from residents around traffic volumes and safety, this change was determined to be the best option for the community. Project timelines will not be impacted.

Motorists are thanked for their patience and reminded that this area is still a construction zone with reduced speed limits. Flag people will be on site when needed to help direct traffic. Those using this route should plan for extra time on their daily commutes.

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